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Standard Wall Mount Unit of 19

Standard Wall Mount Unit of 19" Rack

ParticularsDimensions (H) x (W) x (D)
6U x 19" x 500mm depth337mm x 600mm x 500mm
9U x 19" x 500mm depth470mm x 600mm x 500mm
12U x 19" x 500mm depth603mm x 600mm x 500mm
15U x 19" x 500mm depth737mm x 600mm x 500mm
Standard unit of 19" Wall Mount Rack comprises of the following items :-
  • Rack Framework
  • 1 Vented Top & Bottom Cover
  • 1 Front door with lock
  • 2 detachable side panels with screw
  • 4 adjustable panel mounting members
  • 1 row power point
  • cable with plug top
  • 20 sets of M6 caged nuts
  • Epoxy high quality powder coated finishing (Black)
Standard 19" x 500mm Depth Wall Mount Rack c/w 3 Power Outlet